The Works Queefs Cigarette Curb Wax

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The Queefs Cigarette Curb Wax from The Works

Sometimes you just need to light up a Queef...err I mean wax up a ledge with some cigarette wax. Great handmade products from the
minds Marc Johnson and Ronnie Creager. Probably one of the most creative ways to market cigarettes to the youth, plus these don't
cause lung cancer, may result in total hilarity.


•  10 Individual Wax Cigarette Sticks Per Box
•  Each Cigarette - 1cm x 1cm x 8cm
•  Class "A"  Anti Friction Sticks
•  Special Formulated For Skateboarding
•  Highly Addictive & Cool
•  Share Them With Your Friends
•  It's Not A Bad Habit
•  Support Skateboarding, Wax A Curb!

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