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Bronson Speed Co. G2 Skateboard Bearings

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The G2 Skateboard Bearings from Bronson Speed Co.

The Bronson Speed Co. G2 skateboard bearings deliver top shelf performance with affordability in mind. Straight edge, friction-less shields
are pop-off resistant to hold in oil and keep moisture out, while linear micro-groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication and increase roll
speed. Nano-ceramic compounds resist corrosion and prevent excessive wear. Bronson Speed Co. crammed all this tech into these bearings
for a reason: to give you the smoothest, longest lasting roll at a reasonable price.


• Deep Groove Raceways
• Removable Straight Edge Friction-less Shields
• High Speed Ceramic Oil

Includes: Set of 8 Bearings

Note: All skateboard bearings are the same size. These bearings will fit any skateboard.



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