Arbor Vice Green Longboard Wheels - 69mm 80a

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The Vice Green Wheels from Arbor

The Summit is Arbor's technical downhill wheel, an offset design that utilizes Arbor's Groovetube core for a rare balance of grip and 
drift performance. A leaf-spring sidewall and mid angle lip work together to create the rebound and power needed to consistently hug 
the road. 


• Brand: Arbor
• Color: Black
• Size: 69mm


• 80a: 
Soft and gooey, this is the most common durometer we see in the longboard/crusier wheel world. These wheels have great 
grip for cornering and easily rolls over cracks, small rocks, and rough surfaces without tripping you up.
Urethane skate wheels generallly range from 75a-101a, the numbers increase with the hardness of the wheel.

• Groovetube Cores: Arbor's new Groovetube core has a wider "tube" profile designed to support the whole wheel, which allows it 
to keep it's shape for higher performance riding.

•  Sucrose Formula: Arbor's new Sucrose Formula significantly improves slide and grip performance, while allowing Arbor to deliver 
one of the longest lasting wheels on the market.

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